Crystal Clear Easy Clean Glass  is an invisible non-stick coating that reduces cleaning time by up to 90%. It turns the glass into a surface that repels both water (Hydrophobic) and Oil (oleo-phobic) and makes the glass up to 90% easier to clean with no need of harsh chemicals, Crystal Clear also protects the glass surface from corrosion and etching from contaminants including pollution, sea salts, cement/concrete slurry. In our opinion one of the best benefits of the product is the positive effect it has on the environment.

Application is a simple process of spraying the liquid coating on to a clean surface to provide a permanent – protective bond.

With Crystal Clear Coat, the use of harsh chemicals is eliminated, due to the reduction of cleaning you use less water so a huge benefit to the Environment.

Please feel free to speak to us if you wish to discuss the product on more detail.