3M Mirror Mounting Tapes

These Tapes are used to fix mirrors without hole to plywood, tiles, granite, and marble etc. This type of mirror fixing to wall give much more aesthetic value to your interiors. Fixing mirror to wall normally requires some holes in the mirror and that hole may damage the mirror in many cases. These tapes are used to stick mirror to various surfaces like tile, marble etc. Also there is  high chances of mirror breaking while fixing it or later. All these problems can be eliminated by using the mirror mounting tapes.


Highlights of using 3m mirror mounting tapes.

  • Highly engineered acrylic adhesive provides long term durability, but removes cleanly after harsh masking applications
  • High strength
  • Improve aesthetics
  • For multiple surfaces

How to use 3m Mirror mounting tapes:-

Fixing Instructions

  1. Wipe out all dust from mirror surface using a dry cloth / cotton/ microfiber cloth.
  2. Clean the surface for plywood using Isopropyl alcohol and water mixture
  3. Clean the Surface of Mirror using Isopropyl alcohol and water mixture
  4. Allow it to dry.
  5.  Apply 3M Primer 94 (separately available/ sometimes bundled with packet) with a dry cloth wherever we are planning to stick tapes.  (Plywood as well as in the mirror back)
  6. Let the 3M primer 94 dry from mirror back and plywood.
  7.  Fix the 3m Mirror mounting tape to the plywood using thumb with a gentle press.
  8. Press the Tape using a roller or hand properly and assure proper bonding of tape to mirror.
  9. Cut the overlapping edges using a blade, so as to make no overlapping of tapes in the back and all surface will be in same level.
  10.  Remove the liner from tape slowly *
  11. Stick the mirror to taped plywood.

* Now our mirror is ready to fix. But take care at this point for alignment. Before fixing the mirror to the tapes, which is very high bond in the nature, make sure that you keep the mirror in the proper alignment to get all good looks. Once you leave the mirror on the tape, it is very hard to adjust the alignment afterwards. So double check your alignment and leave the mirror to tape.

Fixing to Tile Recommendations.

We always recommend paneling a 6 or 8mm marine grade plywood to the wall before fixing to a tiled surface. Because, most of the cases tiles will not be in perfect alignment to assure a proper bonding between mirror, tape and tile.

How to calculated the use of 3M mirror mounting Tapes

1 Kg mirror requires = 9 Square inch tape.



3m Mirror Mounting Tapes